1) How much does a Super Lawn Truck cost?


It depends on the equipment you choose. Do you have a certain payment range that you must stay within? We have specially designed landscape trucks from as little as $600/month to $1500/month depending on what you need. Our clients have the option to lease or purchase. They also have the option to make seasonal payments.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to decide on an exact SLT design for your company with the productivity enhancing options desired to take your company to the next level.  SLT price quotes are FREE to professional landscape contractors.


2) What are your interest rates for financing the purchase of a Super Lawn Truck system?      


Your interest rate is dependent on 3 things:

  • Your credit history. Do you know if your credit score is above 700? If so, you’ll likely fall into the A tier, which is the best rates available.
  • The equipment you choose also impacts the interest rate. For example, new equipment always finances for a lower rate than used equipment.
  • Interest rates are also directly affected by the method of financing (leasing vs. purchasing). Generally, many of our clients interest rates fall between 5% and 10%. For example, if someone chose a 36 month lease, they generally get a lower rate than with a 48 month term.

We have found that the most important part of buying the truck is not the interest rate on the loan. The most important issue is getting you dependable, productivity enhancing equipment to help make your company run smoothly. We will work with the biggest names in commercial truck finance to get you the very best finance rate possible.


3) What is the gas mileage on a Super Lawn Truck?


We have 2 lines of trucks: light and medium duty. The GMC Savana (or Chevy Express), one of our light duty trucks, has an EPA estimated 15-18 MPG. In our loaded road tests, we have never seen 18 MPG. Our road tests show 12-15 MPG with the 4.8 liter gas engine with a 12 foot long SLT Eco Series body and total loaded weight of 9,000 pounds.


Medium duty trucks do not have an EPA fuel economy rating. However, fuel economy observation is 8-16 MPG depending on the engine type, cargo weight, GVWR and driver habits. We can show you the impact that fuel economy and fuel prices have on your choice of truck if we know how many miles you drive per year, the cab/chassis package, and body size best suited for your company. Diesel powered trucks get better fuel mileage than gas powered trucks. Your sales rep can help you select the best cab/chassis for your firm.


4) How many mowers will fit in a Super Lawn Truck?


This depends on the size of the body selected. Discuss the exact equipment you place on your crew with your SLT Advisor. If you provide the names and models of your lawn equipment, we can make suggestions that will allow you to match your needs perfectly.   With body lengths from 12-24 foot long and 80 to 102 inches wide, we can design a truck body to meet your needs.


5) Do you have a method of storing grass clippings and other trimmings?


Yes, our Debris DumperTM comes in two sizes, 2.5 or 5 cubic yards of debris holding capacity and 1 ton dump/tilt capacity. The Debris DumperTM mounts directly behind the cab of the truck and dumps to the passenger side using a single lever hydraulic system. There is easy access via doors on each side of the Debris DumperTM.


We also have two models of Debris Bins. They look and install just like the Debris DumperTM , but they do not have the tipping/dump function. You will need to rake, shovel, or sweep debris from inside of the Debris Bin. This is a low cost option to the Debris DumperTM.


6) I think your hydraulic ramp isn’t practical. It appears slow, weak, or that it will require too much maintenance. I prefer a manually operated ramp.


We built the very first prototype Hydra-RampTM way back in 1991! We have produced our Patented Hydra-RampTM under the Super Lawn TruckTM name since 1998. Although we have upgraded our ramp engineering over time, Hydra-RampTM systems from 1991 are still operating today! Our average client has 6,000 to 8,000 open/close cycles per year. With the truck life cycle of 10-15 years, we expect the Hydra-RampTM to go through 60,000 to 120,000 cycles. So, the best thing you can do is speak to a few of our clients about their experience using the Hydra-RampTM system for yourself.   This product is built for daily commercial use.


Here is some information about speed of operation. The original ramp took 35 seconds to fully open or fully close. The 2nd generation HR Series takes 23 seconds to open or close. Today, our Eco Series® Hydra-RampTM operates in just 10 seconds! The quick push of one button opens, closes and locks it up tight.


Our ramps are super strong! We have engineered our Hydra-RampTM systems for 4 different weight ratings. The number after our HR ramp series (1500, 2500, 3500 or 4000) denotes the weight rating of the ramp in pounds.


Our Eco Series® Hydra-RampTM has a weight rating of 2,500 lbs.


Our Hydra-RampsTM are very low maintenance! We utilize a DC Electric motor, similar to the starter on a car, to operate the totally enclosed and submersed hydraulic pump. With fast and short pump operations, the fluid never goes through extreme heat. In fact, we do not recommend scheduled fluid changes. Walter Scott of New York bought his first SLT system in 1999. He recently bought a new SLT Eco Series® truck and traded in the old 1999 model. Although the truck and body system was 13 years old, it still had original equipment in working order after 13 years!  That’s tough equipment.


Hydraulic cylinders are key components of the Hydra-RampTM. As each application is different, there is no commonly published information on duty cycles for cylinders. Stress on materials and seals vary so much from one application to another that is virtually impossible to predict the life of the cylinder. What we can say is that our cylinders have been tested to a minimum of 50,000 cycles.


Consider this. Hydraulics are used everywhere and all around you. Hydraulics are used on most car brake systems, aircraft, skid loaders, lawn mowers, lift gates, and equipment everywhere to improve productivity. Sure, if you break a hydraulic line it would need to be repaired. We still drive cars, even though we know when we buy one we will need to service the brakes one day.

The Super Lawn Truck Hydra-Ramp has a two-year limited warranty for commercial use. The complete SLT product warranty is found here.


7) What maintenance is required on the Hydra-RampTM?


We recommend re-coating the Hydra-RampTM with our anti-slip coating product every couple of years as it will wear thin from the mower tire traffic over time. One gallon of the anti-slip coating costs around $60. We can ship the product direct to you and you can simply apply it with a brush.


How durable is our Hydra-RampTM system? Unique Landscaping of Georgia brought one of their two dozen trucks in this past summer for service. The truck had been in use since the year 2000. A ramp hinge had broken. This style hinge was actually discontinued in 2001 and replaced by a stronger one. So, we upgraded the hinge set and put him back on the road, ready to go another 10 years!


The Hydra-RampTM Series is built for daily commercial use. Loading and unloading equipment is fast and safe.  The hydraulic ramp operation reducers exposure to back injuries often associated with lifting heavy loading ramps. Once you try the Hydra-Ramp series, you’ll love it.


8) Do you have a manually operated loading ramp option?


Super Lawn Trucks builds a couple of models of manually operated ramps.


The MR-750 is the lowest cost model of manually operated loading ramps offered by Super Lawn Technologies. The MR-750 is a bolt-on folding ramp that works with gas spring assist cylinders similar to those used on an upward opening rear door of a minivan or SUV. The MR-750 is designed to fit most box-van bodies with a finished floor elevation not to exceed 41 inches and body widths from 80 to 102 inches wide. The folding ramp design extends to 10 feet in length with widths from 32 inches to 48 inches wide. The MR-750 creates a loading angle of 18 to 22 degrees (ground conditions vary), which is comfortable to walk up/down or ride equipment up/down.


The MR-750 is typically installed in a side-by-side fashion (2 ramps) to accommodate commercial mowers with deck ground clearance of 4 inches and total weight not to exceed 1,500 pounds. The split-ramp design also reduces exposure to back injury.


The MR-750 does not replace the rear door system on a box van. Roll-up doors may stay in place for security. Ramps will fit on the rear of the truck with little to no modifications to the truck body. The compact folding ramp can be shipped to you for installation and comes complete with installation instructions. Some assembly is required.

The exterior dovetail 4-foot extension with a spring assisted, expanded metal, split-ramp design is another lower cost alternative to the Hydra-RampTM. The extended dovetail design makes this truck model four feet longer (adds length), which can be a disadvantage in tight situations. We suggest a roll-up rear door on the box van/truck body. The roll-up door will add security, but will require maintenance and add cost to the truck body. The coil springs on the split-ramp design will also require service every couple of years as they wear out over time making lifting the ramp more physically challenging.


Something else to note with this type of ramp is that expanded metal is not as durable as the solid steel used on the Hydra-RampTM system. Expect the expanded metal to bend after repeated loading and unloading of equipment. Welds are simply not as strong with less contact area to weld to. Finally, expanded metal ramps can be slippery when wet.


In conclusion, while these ramps can save you some money up front, they will require much more maintenance and/or replacement, and they are not as safe an option as the durable Hydra-RampTM system.


9) Do you only work with Isuzu Trucks?


We have a great history working with Isuzu. However, we also have Fuso and GMC models available in inventory in most times of the year. We have installed our SLT body systems on Ford, Chevy, UD, Hino, GMC, Isuzu, Fuso and others. If you have a special need, chances are we have experience with it.


10) Do you have Used Trucks?


We have limited supplies of used trucks. When we do get one, they usually sell in one to two weeks. Used trucks do not offer the flexibility of design when compared to starting with a new truck. The best way to learn about availability of used trucks is to let your sales rep know that’s what you want. Then, they can alert you when a used truck is available. If you have a used truck, we can add Super Lawn Truck options or send some SLT components to you for installation. Visit www.usedsuperlawntrucks.com to view inventory of new and used Super Lawn Trucks.


11) Can you explain the difference between the SLT Pro Series and the SLT Eco Series of lawn truck bodies?


When you think SLT Pro Series®, think heavy duty. Think SLT Eco Series®, and think economy.


The SLT Pro Series® bodies utilize enclosed bodies with completely flat floor designs to maximize the storage space for equipment. The Pro Series® also uses the original Hydra-RampTM with bi-fold design, dual hydraulic cylinders and loading weight ratings of 1500, 2500, 3500, and 4000 pounds. SLT Pro Series® Hydra-RampsTM serve as the locking rear door of the truck body, the loading ramp, and a work-bench when set up in the table configuration. The Pro Series® uses heavy duty cab/chassis packages which allow for Debris DumperTM options and cargo weights in excess of 4,000 pounds.


The SLT Eco Series® bodies utilize enclosed bodies with flat floor and sloped-floor (dove tail) designs. The SLT Eco Series® bodies utilize the Eco Series® Hydra-RampTM which doubles as the rear door and loading ramp. The Eco Series® body system uses a lighter weight design than the Pro Series® body with Hydra-RampTM system allowing for larger payload capacity.

The SLT Eco Series matches perfectly with light duty (under 10,000 lbs GVWR) AND medium duty (10,001 lbs to 19,500 lbs GVWR) cab chassis options.  Your SLT advisor can help you determine which model best fits your company’s needs.


12) Can you explain your warranty with the truck cab/chassis?


The truck cab/chassis warranty varies by manufacturer. Service and repair will be performed at the nearest servicing dealer. Your sales rep will provide details from the manufacturer.


13) Can you explain the warranty with SLT products?


Super Lawn Trucks offers a two-year limited warranty on SLT manufactured products. We also provide a 5 year buy-back guarantee. Here is a short summary: