The closer you look at the Super Lawn Truck, the sooner you will realize that this system will pay for itself!

Super Lawn Truck – Return on Investment Calculator

4 Ways to Increase Profits* Monthly Annually
1) Increased Efficiency
Improve operations by 30 minutes/man/day
Man Hours Saved = 484/yr per 3 man crew*
Man Hours Billed At $30/hr $1,210 $14,520
2) Insurance Savings
Reduce 2 Accidents – Trailers & Workers Comp Deductabiles – Per Year $167 $2,000
3) Equipment Savings
Theft Reduction $83 $1,000
Lost tools $25 $300
4) New Customer Development
Residential – add one new acct $300 $3,600
Commercial – add one new account $2,000 $24,000
Total Return $3,785 $45,420
Total Cost of Super Lawn Truck* $1,333 $16,000
Your Return On Investment $2,452 $29,420
Per Month Per Year
*Complete details found in Business Building Strategies E-Book – Download Below
Increase Your Profits – Super Lawn Trucks


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