Super Lawn Trucks greatly reduce equipment headaches while increasing efficiency and professionalism


Brian Beck had been thinking about buying a Super Lawn Truck since 2003.


“I wish I had gotten one several years ago because it revolutionized how I do business. But back then, they only had the larger trucks that weren’t really appropriate for the size of residential lawns we do.


“Then about 2009, Super Lawn Trucks came out with smaller trucks which are perfect for us. Things came together last year when I had a surge in business and one of my pickups committed suicide. It was time to purchase one of these trucks.”


Brian got his first Super Lawn Truck near the end of the 2011 mowing season, ordered his second in May 2012, and as of July 2012 he was seriously considering getting a 3rd as his company grows. He employs an average of 4 people, which is double his workforce from last year with continued growth expected.


The first 2 trucks are SLT 12 GL ECO Series. The only difference is that the 2nd has locking fuel caps. He hasn’t had any issues with gas theft, but doesn’t want to leave it to chance. He’s not concerned about someone breaking into the truck because the hydraulic ramp that serves as the door is super strong and has a dual locking system.


Brian envisions a 3rd SLT for heavy duty work like landscaping, cleanups and field mowing. So he’s thinking it would be larger, maybe a 20 footer. “We’d use it to cart around a mini skid. They weigh about 2,500 lbs., and you can get an SLT Pro Series hydra-ramp that will handle up to 4,000 lbs. I think that would be a good platform for hauling around the implements and tools you need to do that type of work.”


Brian says lawn maintenance is roughly 70% of his work, “the heart and soul, the bread and butter of my business.” In addition to mowing, they do fertilization, weed control, sprinkler maintenance….. nearly everything in lawn maintenance except water feature maintenance or tree trimming higher than 15′ where a licensed arborist is required.


Among other things, his SLT hauls two 32″ walk-behind mowers with sulkies, 1 or 2 trim mowers, 2 trimmers, 1 edger, 2 backpack blowers and 1 hand-held blower.


Get Noticed, Get Respect, Get Clients


Brian says the professional image the SLT Eco Series Truck gives him is a real difference maker. “I am head and shoulders over all my competition in appearance. There are guys in town with really nice trucks and trailers, but this just blows that away.

“You don’t see all the equipment. You just see the billboard sign. You can read the sign 500′ away. I get compliments all the time. I can count on 1 hand how few people in 10 years have called me saying they saw my phone number on my F350. Now, half way through 1 season I’ve got a half dozen new customers who first called me simply because they saw my SLT with the changeable fleet graphics option.


“Shortly after I got the vehicle, the neighbor of a customer came out and said something astonishing to me. He said he never knew the name of my company until he saw my SLT….  even though my truck’s been parked outside weekly for like 3 years. Now my company is instantly recognizable.”


“About a month after I got the truck last year I was filling up at a gas station, and this young lady came up to me and said, ‘I see your trucks all over town. How many of those trucks do you have?’ Of course, I only had the one truck. But we drive it over a probably 500 square mile area and it’s very noticeable. I don’t think there’s another vehicle in town that looks like it.”


A Trailer Is Like a 2nd Vehicle


Brian says a 19′ long ECO Series SLT (with the GMC Savana cutaway cab) is a far cry from his 40′ long pickup truck/trailer rig (F350 long bed with 16′ trailer). “It’s a lot easier. It’s like driving a regular car. If someone can drive a car, they can drive this vehicle. I don’t have to teach them how to drive with a trailer. I don’t have to drive around to find a place to turnaround. Now sometimes I’ll pull a U-Turn in the street. It’s nothing to turn around.”


With the exception of the engine, Brian says maintaining a trailer is just like maintaining another vehicle. “With a Super Lawn Truck, I just have to maintain 2 axles rather than 4, 4 tires rather than 8. I don’t have to tinker with all the lights and everything. And, I don’t have to deal with the DOT and their constant harassment at vehicle checks.”


Don’t Need a Big Engine


While a vehicle’s engine is a large part of maintenance, Brian says maintaining his 2004 Ford’s 6-liter diesel was a disproportionately larger problem.


“A big diesel just isn’t necessary or cost effective for residential maintenance. My pickup was constantly breaking down. I could maintain 2 Super Lawn Trucks, maybe a third truck for what it was costing me to keep a diesel on the road.


“My SLT has a 4.8 liter engine. It’s not a powerhouse. But that’s not an issue because I don’t have to pull a lot of weight. It gets me from point A to point B which is exactly what I need.


“I think what I like the most is that it’s not breaking down. Over the last 3 or 4 years I’ve just been clobbered mechanically. To have something that’s new, fresh, nice looking that’s not breaking down is great. I feel a lot more professional driving around in it. The image it projects to the public is impressive. It’s very efficient. It’s very functional. It’s just a lot easier to use.”

Take Brian’s Advice

Don’t wait for years to invest in a productivity enhancing Super Lawn Truck system.  Start saving money and turning heads while your enclosed body serves as your warehouse on wheels.  Your landscape company can kick start growth and ramp up profitability with the Super Lawn Truck system.  You can get started by requesting a quote by clicking here.

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