Super Lawn Technologies Exterior Dovetail Manual Loading Ramp

SLT Dovetail Ramp


Manually operated loading ramp for box trucks, 96 inches wide x 4 feet long x 72 inches tall – all steel construction – black in color – to fit box trucks with a 96 inch wide body. Installation guide provided. Ramps will ship via LTL to your location (recommended to have a commercial address with a forklift or a loading dock).

Note: Taillights are NOT included.

***Modifications to product design for improvements are possible at all times. ***



Once you’ve placed your order, we can calculate shipping costs according to weight and region where your ramps are being shipped.  If you have a forklift and/or loading dock, rates are discounted so be sure to let us know! Please call for detailed shipping instructions. 866-923-0027

Shop and Compare! Check out this video demonstrating the differences between the Super Lawn Technologies MR750™ Manual Loading Ramp and the Exterior Dovetail Ramp. An informed buyer is a smart buyer! Watch now!

The SLT Exterior Dovetail Ramp

The Exterior Dovetail design has been used in the landscape industry for decades.  We haven’t reinvented the wheel but we have done what we do best.  We don’t just build it…we overbuild it.  Why?  Because nobody is tougher on equipment than those who work in the landscape industry! 

A dovetail ramp is an affordable ramp option for your truck, even though it may not be the most durable of ramp options.  Expanded metal simply is not going to take the abuse solid steel will as used in the construction of the Hydra-Ramp™.   But if light duty is all you need, the SLT Exterior Dovetail Manual Ramp is rated for wheeled equipment up to 2,500 pounds.  Spring assists will help you manually raise and lower the ramp easily and quickly.  It’s all steel, expanded metal construction is perfect for light duty equipment without a lot of expense up front. 

Here are some of the cons of an exterior dovetail ramp:

  • An exterior dovetail ramp adds four feet of length to your truck making the foot print larger than our SLT Eco and Pro Series Body Systems. If you have tight parking locations, this is a problem.
  • Adding 4 feet of length to a truck can make it unsafe. For example, the exterior swing behind the truck can easily lead to accidents.  Trucks not properly balanced show excessive tire wear and could create dangerous braking issues.  Simply adding a four foot dovetail to a truck can be unsafe.
  • Expanded metal can be very slippery when wet! Slip and fall accidents on slippery loading ramps can cost you thousands of dollars in workers comp claims.
  • Coil springs break early and are a pain in the rear to replace. If they don’t break, they get weaker over time making the ramp  heavier and heavier for workers to lift.  This can lead to painful and expensive back injuries.

The SLT Exterior Dove Tail Manual Ramp is 96 inches wide, 53 inches long and 72 inches tall.  Installation will require additional welding, relocation of tail lights, tag brackets, tag lights and additional frame bracing.

We can ship this ramp anywhere so if this is the way you want to go, give us a call and we’ll get your order processed right away!

If you need further assistance, check out the frequently asked questions below or feel free to call us at 866-923-0027!