“I think it’s a must attend seminar. It teaches you everything you need to know about the landscaping business from the financial aspects of bidding and costing to how to earn money and do your jobs at a profit and correctly bid your jobs. It’s a must attend for any landscaper. Tony’s been doing this for 20 years. He’s extremely experienced in what he does. He’s able to answer any questions you have. His wisdom is unmatched. I’ve been to several other instructors and Tony is the best, bar none.”
– Mark Keightley, GA

“Highly Recommended! This will change the way you approach pricing and budgeting.”
– Laura Taylor, Lawn Concepts, TX

“It is a must for a landscape contractor, especially a small company!”
– Scott Smith, Scapes, TN

“It’s an excellent program if you are a start-up company, a medium company, or a well-established company. The size of the class allowed us to interact with many other owners of companies. It’s a great benefit for us to start on the right foot, but I’ve also seen how Tony’s lecture and workshop has allowed people with established businesses to fix a lot of the mistakes they’ve made in their earlier years. The time Tony takes in between the breaks, before class, after class, and the personal time that he dedicates to each and every one of the students is really where you get to learn a lot about his system and why it’s worked for him. Those times were as beneficial to us as the lecture time.”
– Joel Bello, FL

“You should have done this yesterday. It’s a great opportunity to put your business on paper and really understand the numbers and be able to cost all your jobs appropriately, and to run the business how you need to run it. It’s a great, quick class to learn all that. Tony’s been a great inspiration for me. He’s easy to talk to. I’ve been in a position lately where I’ve been debating where I want to go with my life, both with the business I have and other career options being straight out of college. And he’s helped put that energy back in me to focus on the business and try to grow it, so I’m excited.”
– Emil Motycka, CO

“I would say that if you’re a company that’s starting out even, or a company that’s been in business for a while, I think the benefits from Tony are immense. I feel that the multiple overhead recovery system that he’s teaching is going to make you a better estimator, you’re going to be more profitable, and you’re going to feel more confident in your business.”
– Dan Maki, CT

“This is the best thing I’ve ever done so far. I wish I had done it 13 years ago when I was starting our company. I think it’s extremely helpful. Part of my problem in the last downturn has been not knowing my numbers well enough. I could have probably priced a little more competitively and kept growing. The most important thing I learned is that you have to have a very good grasp on your numbers, not just an estimated guess.”
– Rollin Giesbrecht, GA

“It’s a great investment for your company. It’s a great investment personally. From what I’ve seen and applied already, it’s definitely worth it.”
– Jeff Peters, Canada

“The trick comes when you start growing, your overhead starts growing, you’re employing people.. that’s when it comes down to more of a numbers game… and that’s where it’s very important to come to one of these Profit Builders and learn how to figure out what your overhead is and where your break even line is.. It’s valuable to have someone like Tony with the experience he has that can guide us to where we need to be. We now have the ability to quote every job in such a way that we know we are making money.”
– Steven and Grant Price, TX

“…we are still learning but as of November 10th we have increased our Gross Sales by 21.7%, and our labor hours are down by 433 hours over the same period last year…You have opened my eyes to how my business should be run from ‘Right Price Estimating’ to ‘Job Costing’.”
– Steve Jordan, Turf Masters Lawn Care Inc, MS

“If you’re serious about wanting to develop an efficient estimating system that will recover your overhead, know your man hours, and also know that you’re going to make a profit on each job, then you should attend. It was time and money well spent. I’m excited about my company for now and for the future.”
– Rick Longnecker, WA

“We looked at, should we take the course, should we not take the course? It’s by far worth the cost. You learn so much. I think it completely changed my whole mindset. I’m not really a finance person, and this really laid it out simply.”
– Blake Taylor, TX

“For me and my business only being open one year, this has been a great investment for myself and my company. He covered a lot of aspects of the business that I never thought about in the past and gave me real insight to real numbers to help me grow my business, and not only grow my business, but to be profitable.”
– David Schnee, GA

“You need it to help make decisions… that’s what this does. It gives you the financial plan, the financial road map, to make those decisions, not on emotions, not on your gut feeling, but on hard facts.”
– Glenn Switzer, MN

“This is a good investment. It is well worth your time and the money you spend. It shows you that you can accurately obtain the information you need and use it to do a better job with bidding… we will be able to set goals and accurately bid to make a profit. Now we know exactly where our money goes.”
– James and David Mitchell, TX

“You can’t afford not to do this. There’s no guessing at anything when you leave here. The guesswork has been eliminated… you absolutely feel hopeful when you leave here. It’s doable..”
– Brian and Ashley Patterson, GA

“Definitely go. It was an eye-opening experience for us. Learning our true costs and what we need to recover as our overhead will be a huge improvement to our profit and our ability to grow in the future. It was great listening to Tony. It’s amazing how you come into the weekend and you have one train of thought and way of thinking and to come out the other side an have a complete change in your perspective and paradigm shift in your outlook of your industry and the way you have to run your business to perform at a good profit.”
– Matt Warren, FL

“Do not hesitate. It will truly change the way you think about business, especially your own!”
– John Tucker, TN

“If you are really serious about growing your business, you need to come to one of these classes. It’s a real eye opener on all your cost and overhead that you might not be recovering at this point. It really goes into detail and lets you know what your true costs are and how to recover it to make a profit…The good thing about Tony is that he’s not just some guy trying to sell you something. He’s lived it and took a company from 0 to more than a million dollar business. He has the background and he actually did it.”
– Greg Parker, GA