These words have never been truer in the last year! (A short message from Isuzu!)

Many of Isuzu’s competitors have pulled out of the low cab forward market or have significantly scaled back their vehicle offerings. Sterling, Ford and International have discontinued selling low cab forward trucks in the United States. A number of small conventional models such as the Ford E350/450 diesel commercial cut-a-way are no longer available and the Hino 145, 165, 185 have been discontinued.

Economics and emissions are the primary causes of these vehicles being discontinued, but Isuzu quality and market leadership have also played a part.

Isuzu has been # 1 in the low cab forward segment since 1986 and over 81% of all Isuzu-built vehicles sold in the U.S. since that time are still registered.

Isuzu has always provided a quality product, reliability, state of the art technology, low cost of ownership, ease of maintenance, superior turning radius and ease of operation.

Even if you don’t own one of these discontinued vehicles, you will surely agree that our record and reputation deserve a look! I would like to schedule a test drive with you and make you a believer in the Isuzu product!

Super lawn Trucks are powered by Isuzu!