2010 Insiders Report


This report has been written for business owners interested in Super Lawn Trucks, but have not made a purchase.


For over a decade we have used the power and efficiency of the internet to allow business owners to purchase our products direct from the manufacturer.  This lowers costs and improves delivery time by 50%.  The results have been stunning!

Today, highly customized Super Lawn Trucks are operating in 39 states and Canada.  Our clients include a number of the top 150 landscape companies in North America.  However, we frequently serve one truck, owner operators looking to get a one-up on the competition.

Why would forward thinking business owners choose our company when expanding and updating their fleets?

The reason is simple.  Each of these business owners are in search of ways to improve their company.  There are looking for ways to improve daily operations and become a “lean” service provider.  They seek highly advanced customization that improves productivity and make their fleet durable enough to stay in service 10 years plus.

There are sure-fire ways to improve productivity in this industry.  When you talk to our team about enhancing your company, there are a number of issues to discuss including:

  • Eliminating trailers and improving daily productivity
  • Improving tool organization, storage and security
  • Enhancing your company image with highly effective, low cost billboard marketing
  • Reducing exposure to accidents by eliminating trailers
  • Expanding your company without adding facilities
  • And a many other money-saving details.

We provide business owners detailed product information, nationwide references, a FREE BUSINESS PLAN, price quotes and financing options to help you make a purchase. Regardless if you buy products from us or not, you learn valuable information to help you improve your business.

I respect your time. I respect the fact that you are a business owner who makes major business decisions each day. I respect the fact that you have been conducting research on ways to improve your company.

66% of Landscapers Have Put-Off Equipment Purchases This Year*

Facts are facts, and the economy has created some real challenges this past year for business owners. But one thing is for sure, no one gets wealthy without dedication to continuous improvement. The concept of “lean business processes” has been a scientific engineering standard for decades. Recently, these concepts have been widely promoted in the landscape industry. The companies who have adopted “lean” within their company have been able to GAIN business this year!

In many cases, investing in equipment that improves productivity will help you become “lean”. When you invested in a zero turn riding mower, you did so to improve productivity. You could have went out and bought a garden tractor for thousands of dollars less, but you understand that more productivity equals more revenue and more revenue equals more profits for your pocket. Super Lawn Trucks builds productivity enhancing trucks for market leading companies nationwide.

*Lawn and Landscape Magazine” – State of the Landscape Industry 2009

Reduce Your Costs and You Can Lower Your Prices

In 2008 and 2009 Super Lawn Trucks has been on an aggressive pace to apply “lean” business practices throughout our organization. The results have been amazing! Here are a few of our accomplishments:

  • Reduced direct labor costs by 15%
  • Introduced 5 new models of loading ramps (4 models are priced lower)
  • Introduced 2 new models of enclosed van bodies (each model priced lower)
  • Lowered administrative costs by 20%
  • Introduced a selection of USED cab/chassis to our product line – usedsuperlawntrucks.com
  • Lowered our inventory by 35%
  • We have lowered our prices and increased design options
  • Watched our sales grow over 30% in 2009!

The good news from within Super Lawn Trucks, the only truck body builder company in North America dedicated 100% to serve the lawn and landscape industry, is a rare case of success. We are 55% better off than the industry!

Commercial Truck Industry Down 45%

Within the last 12 months GM closed their commercial duty manufacturing division ending production of over 30,000 work trucks per year! Sterling trucks closed their medium duty truck operations. Both Ford & International ceased production of their Low Cab Forward medium duty trucks. This has reduced annual supply of medium duty trucks by another 7,000 trucks per year!  What happens to prices when supply goes down?  Eventually, prices go up.

Consider this.  Over 1000 automotive dealerships closed in 2008-2009 as GM & Chrysler went bankrupt. Banks have tightened credit to the point that only the most solid companies in America can get financing to expand their companies.  These events are reshaping an industry!

Isuzu Commercial Trucks of America has been a product partner with Super Lawn Trucks for over a decade. Based on the most recent industry data available, Isuzu is second only to Ford in commercial truck sales in the USA.   Isuzu owns 68.9% of the low cab forward truck market in the USA!  In fact, 81% of every Isuzu truck sold in the USA since 1984 is still registered in use! Amazing durability!  Because of “lean” approaches to business, Isuzu is still profitable.  In fact, Isuzu is expanding its dealership network nationwide!  It is also a fact that Isuzu inventory is at the lowest level in recent history.  This is contributing to the problem of cab/chassis shortages.

In order for Super Lawn Trucks to maintain its position as a forward thinking, market leader, we have expanded our offering to include Mitsubishi/Fuso cab forward trucks.  Mitsubishi/Fuso has a significant supply of cab forward trucks that work perfectly with the Super Lawn Truck system.  We are now offering the FE series trucks to expand the SLT line up.

EPA Mandates Raise Diesel Truck Prices $5000 in 2010

The US Environmental Protection Agency has mandated lower pollutants from diesel trucks. The new equipment installed on these trucks will increase the costs by a whopping $5000 overnight! This is an increase of over 10% (on average) for a medium duty truck. My goal is to help you understand that you have an opportunity to save yourself thousands of dollars if you BUY NOW. Make the decision, place your order.  Start improving your productivity and avoid this immediate price increase.

For those of you interested in lowering your carbon footprint, building awareness about green initiatives in your company, and improving your image as green company, the lower emmission, clean diesel trucks will be a great addittion to your fleet.  We have a diesel emmission report we can provide you that explains exactly how much of an impact your trucks have on the environment.  Call for details.  866-923-0027

Lower Your Costs & Grow Your Business!

You’re a business owner. You make decisions every day.  However, it is likely that you are in the group of 66% of landscapers who delayed truck purchases in the last 12 months. Make a decision to take action right now BEFORE the Spring rush gets here.  Avoid the upcoming shortage of commercial duty trucks and price increases in early 2010.  Do not put off your order.  Availability is about to reach an all time low for commercial duty work trucks.

I am proud to say that Super Lawn Trucks has redesigned, reengineered and lower the prices on our unique products to make owning your Super Lawn Truck more affordable than ever!  We need to talk and see how we can design the perfect Super Lawn Truck for your company. Check our new, lower priced Super Lawn Truck options.  The SLT Pro series may be perfect for you!

And remember this.  You can take advantage of year-end tax saving strategies before the federal government ends the bonus depreciation benefit (section 179).  A fifteen minute conversation with your accountant could show you how buying truck right now could lower your tax liability.

So here is my advice to you. Invest in productivity enhancing equipment to help you lower your cost!  Seek ways to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.  Learn from people who have a track record of success.  Never cease your efforts for continuous improvement.

One final thought.  We are the only truck body builder company in America 100% dedicated to improving the efficiency and profits of the professional lawn and landscape contractor.

We look forward to helping you and your company!

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