How Much Does a Super Lawn Truck Cost?

A Super Lawn Truck is carefully designed to help landscape contractors maximize productivity and minimize hourly operating cost. A variety of options, prices, financing and leasing options are available to meet every budget.

Super Lawn Trucks offers several truck styles, options and packages to help you obtain a vehicle that will work best for both your landscaping needs and budget. Whether you’re looking to purchase, lease or rent, Super Lawn Trucks will make the process simple, efficient and transparent.

In the landscaping business, a truck and trailer is an important investment. Without a reliable configuration, you’re out of business. Without a configuration that helps you maximize productivity and minimize hourly operating cost, it’s a lot more difficult to stay in business.

A Super Lawn Truck, with its built-in “trailer,” is carefully designed to help landscape companies gain several efficiencies. Benefits include:

  • Easier to drive and back up
  • Easier to train new drivers
  • Fewer tires to maintain
  • Lockable equipment storage, eliminating need for warehouse
  • On-board fuel pump to save time stopping at gas stations
  • Free advertising on side of enclosed trailer
  • Built in tool storage system keeps your crew organized

A variety of styles, options and purchase options are available to help landscape professionals get the perfect solution for their specific needs and budget. Options will affect the final price of a truck, including fuel type (gas or diesel), weight capacity, body length (12, 14, 16, 18 or 20 feet), Hydra-Ramp system, on-board fuel dispensing components, on-board tool storage, etc.

Super Lawn Trucks has carefully pre-assembled two packages—Standard and Budget—for each truck model. This helps the landscape company owner to quickly obtain the efficiency-boosting truck he or she needs at a price he or she can afford.

The ECO Series starts at roughly $51,000 with low monthly payments of $772 to $855.

The FastTrack Series starts at roughly $52,000 with monthly payments of $778 to $878.

The Pro Series starts at roughly $63,000 with monthly payments of $964 to $1,069. This model features an integrated side tipping dumper.

The Super Contractor Series starts at roughly $72,000 with payments of $1,099 to $1,218. This model features an integrated rear dumper and walk-in tool storage.

The NEW Solar Lawn Truck is available in three options. Designed for the more environmentally conscious landscape professional, the Solar Lawn Truck is configured with a solar charging station to allow for easy recharging of lithium-ion batteries. This allows landscaping to confidently work all day long with battery-powered equipment. Pre-configured models of the Solar Lawn Truck start at roughly $68,000 with monthly payments of roughly $1,300. A 60-month leasing option is also available for roughly $1,000-$1,200 per month.

For those landscaping professionals who do not want a truck with enclosed storage, Super Lawn Trucks offers two models. The Open Landscape Trailer starts at roughly $45,000 while the Dump Truck Series starts at roughly $54,000.

*** Please note that prices may fluctuate by a few percentage points from year to year due to certain variables. ***

A Super Lawn Truck will pay for itself … guaranteed

Case studies have shown that a Super Lawn Truck will pay for itself.

Labor Savings – A given crew will save at least 6 minutes per day thanks to the on-board fueling, lockable storage and other innovations of the Super Lawn Truck. If you have a three-person crew making $14/hour, for example, you will likely save at least $84 a month in labor costs. That’s 7-10% of the monthly payment. Link to video testimonial discussing this.

Free Advertising – A Super Lawn Truck provides you with a rolling billboard. That’s free advertising you would pay hundred if not thousands of dollars per month for through traditional means. Link to video testimonial discussing this.

3 easy steps to purchase

Step 1: Pick your package and get a quote

Your Super Lawn Truck system should be designed with three needs in mind: crew size, cargo weight and cargo length/size.

If your crew size is one to three people, the more economical single cab truck is perfect. If you operate a crew with four to seven people, a crew cab truck is needed. Crew cab trucks naturally cost more than single cab trucks. The good news is that although they seat twice as many people, they do not cost twice as much. If the nature of your work consistently requires larger crews, a crew cab truck is the way to go.

Next up is cargo weight, which is nothing to play around with. Trying to go cheap and buying a truck that is undersized from the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) standpoint is dangerous and illegal. If you operate overloaded trucks and are stopped by a Department of Transportation (DOT) enforcement officer, your company could face stiff fines or impoundment. On the other hand, oversizing your cab/chassis is a waste of money since the price of any truck goes up as GVWR goes up.

An invaluable exercise is to calculate the cargo weight requirements of your truck. Make a list of all people, tools and supplies the truck will be carrying. This list should include quantities and weights. We offer a Cargo Weight Chart that lists 25 common tools and supplies found on lawn trucks. The total weight of these 25 items is 2,991 pounds. Note that the list does not include supplies like fertilizer or waste materials like grass clippings. Super Lawn Trucks recommends a “safety allowance” of around 1,000 pounds when selecting the cab/chassis with the correct GVWR. In this case, an estimated cargo weight of 4,000 pounds will help us decide the correct GVWR regardless if it is a single cab or crew cab truck.

One final word of caution on cargo weight. Truck sales reps should be trained to ask about this prior to providing you with a personalized quote. If you encounter a truck sales rep who never asks about cargo weight, they either do not have your best interests in mind or have not received the proper training to correctly match commercial work trucks with customer needs.

Finally, knowing your cargo length/size is just as important as the cargo weight. Think about how you will equip your crew. What kind of lawnmowers will they be operating? Widths vary widely from 21-inch push mowers to mid-mount zero-turn riders with 84-inch decks. Length is something else to consider. A mid-mount zero-turn rider is longer than a stand-on mower. A front-mount zero-turn rider is much longer than a mid-mount. Understanding the length, height and width of your intended cargo will allow you to properly size the truck body for your needs.

If you work with the Isuzu Cab Chassis, you have plenty of body length options ranging from 10 to 24 feet in 2-foot increments. Body widths range from 80 to 102 inches. The most popular size is 96 inches. The most popular height is 85 inches.

Selecting a standard body size such as 18’L x 96”W x 85”H costs considerably less than asking for a custom engineered design. Standard sizes improve delivery times as well. Also, making changes to the height impacts many of the available options like loading ramps and side door configurations.

Other truck options to consider. Once you’ve determined your ideal crew size, cargo weight and cargo size, there are a number of available truck options that could also affect the cost of a Super Lawn Truck, including:

  • Side doors
  • Cargo restraint systems
  • Loading ramps
  • Debris dumpers
  • Fueling stations
  • Tool boxes, hand and Powertool storage racks and shelving
  • Safety lights
  • Backup cameras and alarms
  • Custom paint colors and logos/lettering to enhance your marketing.

Successful, profitable landscape business operators understand how buying equipment that improves productivity also helps lower labor cost. Labor cost is typically the largest expense in a service business. It’s important to carefully consider any equipment option that can make your crew safer and/or more productive.

Packages streamline the process. At Super Lawn Trucks, we have streamlined the truck design process by offering six popular models of truck bodies. We provide transparent pricing information on two packages, Standard and Budget, for each of the six models on our website. This means you can review 12 price quotes at anytime by clicking on the “Truck Options” menu and selecting the Super Lawn Truck model you are interested in. Custom price quotes are provided FREE of charge to active lawn and landscape contractors.

Super Lawn Truck price quotes are typically provided including the Isuzu cab/chassis, truck body, loading ramps, our most popular options like tool storage systems, and any requested accessories. Any truck series (depending on your choice) comes with the option of single or crew cab, and diesel or gas-powered engine. You are in control of your price as you decide on your design and select your options.

After you have chosen your truck, request a quote using our Quote Calculator. After your quote is approved, print and sign it, and either fax it to 478-822-9707, or scan it and email it to

Step 2: Place your deposit

Once your quote is approved, you can quickly secure your Super Lawn Truck, and “lock in” your price quote by placing a $2,000 deposit. When you place your deposit, you secure your priority on our build schedule.You can call to place your deposit via credit card, or mail a check to the address on your quote.

Step 3: Apply for financing

Super Lawn Trucks strives to make the credit process as easy as possible. Simply complete our credit application or provide a letter of bank approval for financing.

Financing quotes are free and Super Lawn Trucks offers several options: Isuzu Finance of America Inc. purchase and lease options, local bank financing, special-terms lease or purchase plan, credit card, company check, certified funds and wire transfer.

Leasing a Super Lawn Truck is a great option if you are looking for an affordable monthly payment. Our leasing contracts include:

  • No mileage restriction
  • One payment due at signing
  • Off balance sheet lease
  • Flexible down payment options

Not sure if leasing makes sense for you and your business? Download the free tutorial, Lease or Purchase: Which is Right for You?, to help you decide.

Used Super Lawn Trucks

Landscape professionals also have the option of buying or renting from Super Lawn Trucks’ used inventory. Inventory is limited, though, and a given truck only remains available for a week or two. Super Lawn Trucks offers a 5-year buy-back guarantee. However, customers seldom return or trade-in a vehicle. Additionally, 95% of the trucks are custom-built while the other 5% are built for demonstration purposes.

That said, if you are the owner of a Super Lawn Truck and would like to upgrade, Super Lawn Trucks will buy it from you and apply the trade-in balance toward your new purchase. Go to and follow the three steps to get your free Super Lawn Trucks appraisal.


If you only need a Super Lawn Truck for a short period of time, whether it be a seasonal job or a short contract, you can rent one. Weekly rates for a fully customized truck start at $395 per week. Learn more.

Fleet Sales

Whether you purchase 5 trucks per year or 100, Super Lawn Trucks is ready to meet your needs by providing:

  • On-site demonstrations for pre-qualified fleet owners
  • Special discount programs when you qualify for fleet buyer status
  • High levels of fleet customization and specialized fleet engineering
  • Quantity discount pricing
  • Credit lines from $250,000 to $5 million
  • Lifecycle planning assistance for fleet owners
  • Flexible lease programs
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Nationwide title and registration service
  • International purchase programs

Isuzu, GMC, Ford, Chevrolet, Hino, UD, Freightliner and Fuso brands available.

Since 1998 Super Lawn Truck, Inc. Has been designing, building, and delivering the worlds most efficient designed commercial work truck for lawn and landscape business owners.

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