Frequently Asked Questions


Super Lawn Trucks manufactures truck bodies and truck body components that are engineered specifically for the landscape industry. Many of our patented products are exclusive to our company and cannot be found elsewhere. Business owners, municipalities, and landscaping organizations in 38 states and Canada are using Super Lawn Trucks to help improve productivity, decrease accidents and enhance company marketing.


Here are the most frequently asked questions presented by people who are considering a Super Lawn Truck system for their company.


How can a Super Lawn Truck improve my productivity?

  1. Prevent daily loading of unloading of equipment. Saving 30 minutes of loading and unloading time per day with a 3 man crew saves 300 man hours per year or $4500 in direct labor cost at $15/hour and $900 in labor burden or $5100/yr.


  1. Prevent theft. With one string trimmer at $300 and one blower at $400, the average lawn maintenance crew has $2000 worth of tools on the truck or trailer. Locking up these tools and reducing theft can save thousands each year.


  1. Reduce accidents and injuries. Lifting heavy ramps leads to back injuries. Slip and fall accidents on slippery ramps can cost you thousands in workers compensation premiums and deductibles. Super Lawn Trucks has invented hydraulically operated ramps that are specially coated with anti-slip coatings to prevent back injuries and slip and fall injuries.


  1. Trailers are a drag on productivity everyday. Jack knifed trailers and operator errors backing trailers drive business owners crazy. You decrease travel time between jobs when you operate without a trailer. Time and motion studies indicate drive time will be reduced up to 10% per day driving without a trailer.


  1. Billboard marketing increase sales opportunities. With each Super Lawn Truck system you gain the equivalent of $1000 per month in advertising exposure.


  1. Fuel system reduces labor. Saving 10 minutes on fuel stops with a 3 man crew two times per week will save you 40 man hours per year or $600 in direct labor cost at $15/hour and $120 in labor burden. You gain the opportunity to sell 40 man hours of work at $40/hour and you grow sales by $1600/year.


  1. Organized tool storage. When your tools are neatly stored for transport, they last longer. When your crew can quickly locate tools, they get more work done in less time. When you have a tool inventory system, you can hold people accountable for lost tools. If you prevent one returned trip to the shop per month for 12 months, you will gain 36 to 108 man hours per year. You will reduce labor costs by $540 to $1620 per year.



  1. Easy to operate. When you eliminate trailers, you move around town faster with fewer hassles. DOT (Department of Transportation) is cracking down on pick-up truck and trailer operators all over the USA. When you eliminate the trailer, you are less of a target for DOT. When you use a truck designed to handle the weight you carry, your brakes last longer. When you eliminate trailers you have fewer tires on the ground, lowering maintenance costs.


  1. Less warehouse space needed. When you choose an enclosed Super Lawn Truck system, you are able to store equipment within the secure, dry enclosed body. You may be able to avoid hundreds or thousands of dollars in rent cost for facilities each year. With warehouse space rent rates of just $5 per square foot per year, your 16 warehouse on wheels is like gaining a $560 per year storage unit for FREE.


  1. Professional image. This package equals professionalism. The better you look to prospects, the more likely they will be wiling to pay you top dollar for your services. Stand out from the crowd with your handsome Super Lawn Truck!



How do I select the right Super Lawn Truck for my company?

We begin with three questions:

  • How many people will work on your crew? Trucks for 2, 3 or 7 people.
  • What equipment do you carry on your truck/trailer? Body sizes available include 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 feet in length. Standard width is 96 inches exterior and 85 inches high. Custom sizes are available.
  • What does your equipment and your Super Lawn Truck body package weigh?

We have engineered nearly 1000 work trucks for the landscape industry. When you spend a few minutes on the phone with one of our work truck experts you will get the correct cab and chassis with the perfect body package that complies with engineering specifications by the manufacturer, National Highway Safety Board, National Truck Equipment Association and the DOT.


What is best for my company, gas or diesel powered trucks?

Personal preference makes a big impact here. Start with this question, how many miles do you drive per year? If you drive over 25,000 miles per year, we recommend diesel power. Under 25,000 miles per year, gas power.


What is the fuel mileage rating for Super Lawn Trucks?

The Isuzu & GMC diesel powered trucks average 10-12 miles per gallon. Gas powered trucks 8-10 MPG.


What is the SLT Pro series of trucks?

The SLT Pro Series uses a GMC Savana cutaway cab and chassis along with an enclosed truck body. This truck is considered a light duty vehicle with a GVWR under 10,000 lbs. We have engineered this truck with economy in mind. The truck is rated for 15-18 MPG and has a price tag starting around $33,000 or around $600/month.


What does a Super Lawn Truck costs?

We build new trucks starting around $33,000 and go up to $80,000. The vast majority of our trucks are financed or leased from $600 to $1200 per month.


Should I finance my purchase or lease my Super Lawn Truck?

There are advantages for each. Finance rates vary based on individual credit ratings. Super Lawn Trucks are designed to last 10 years or longer. Purchasing tends to costs less than leasing. If you are growing quickly, leasing offers significant advantages such as: flexible payment plans, off balance sheet financing and money to buy additional equipment that finance companies won’t finance.


Do you have any used trucks available?

We tell each and every client that purchases a truck from us to contact us if they ever want to sell their Super Lawn Truck. Occasionally we announce availability of used trucks. If you prefer buying a used truck, check with us frequently as used trucks sell quickly. You can always select a used truck and bring it to us for conversion to the Super Lawn Truck system.


How does the Super Lawn Truck purchase process work?

Select options. Review quote. Accept quote. Sign buyers order and make deposit. Submit credit application. Acquire financing. We build to your specifications. Complete paperwork. Take delivery.


How does delivery work?

You have several choices. 1) Pick up from our shop. We provide ground transportation from the airport to our shop. 2) We deliver to your door. 3) Meet us at a show. 4) Meet us half way.


Why should I do business with Super Lawn Trucks? What makes your company so special?

Our roots run deep in the landscape industry. When you look at a Super Lawn Truck system, you will know right away the detailed set up had to come from someone who truly understands the needs of the professional landscaper. We have been building highly customized trucks for the leading landscape companies for over a decade. We work almost exclusively in the landscaping work truck industry.


When you choose to do business with Super Lawn Trucks, you gain access to insight in improving your company with Business Building Planning tools written by the founder and President of Super Lawn Trucks. Many of these tools are FREE for our clients.


Two decades of design, refinement and engineering can’t be duplicated by cheap imitations. Our clients enjoy dealing directly with the manufacturer. Super Lawn Trucks is a pioneer using the power of the internet to sell direct to the landscape industry. Our online truck builder, product videos and photos allow you to research and evaluate our products from the comfort of your home or business.


When you choose Super Lawn Trucks to your custom truck body supplier, you get to focus on serving your clients.  You get the full suport of our design, engineering, manufacturing and installation staff.  We listen attentively.  We respond quickly.  We offer advice, guidance and follow up support on our products.


Partnering with commercial truck cab and chassis manufactures allows us to pool purchasing power and pass along fleet discounts to even the smallest contractors. Since we utilize just in time, lean manufacturing processes, we keep our overhead low and our turn around time is fast.


It is common for our clients to receive their custom built truck in two weeks instead of waiting up to 2 months for a highly customized commercial truck.


We provide a variety of competitive finance sources to help you purchase or lease your truck. We continually review new funding sources helping to keep your costs down as you acquire equipment.


Our warranty policy is simply the best in the commercial truck business. Three year unlimited mileage warranty on the cab & chassis, 5-year structural warranty of the body and full one-year warranty on specialty components.


Please call Super Lawn Trucks when you are ready to take your company to the next level!


Does Super Lawn Trucks sell trucks or truck bodies?

We sell our products direct to end users. We build truck bodies, customize truck bodies, manufacture truck body components and install these components on a wide variety of work truck cab and chassis. Typically, the inventory of cab and chassis on our lot are on consignment from a truck dealer. We partner with truck dealers who ship inventory of incomplete vehicles directly from the manufacturing plant to our holding yard. We complete the truck and deliver it to the end user. Super Lawn Trucks is a licensed new vehicle dealer with world headquarters located in Fort Valley, GA.


Thank You for your interest in our products and our company.


Tony Bass, Founder and President

Super Lawn Trucks, USA