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Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc. (ICTA) is pleased to announce a program that continues to demonstrate Isuzu innovation and insure product loyalty.  With this FREE SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE SERVICE PROGRAM, you can expect Isuzu to provide one of the best customer retention programs in the commercial truck industry. And, you will save money.  Buy a NEW Isuzu Diesel powered truck before Dec 31, 2013 and get this deal.
24 Month / 60,000 Mile Covered Maintenance Program for 2011-2014 Diesel N-Series models and 2012-2013 REACH Commercial Vans sold October 1 – December 31, 2013.
· Program is valid from October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014.
· The Program is available to all retail, non-negotiated fleet, customers that take delivery of 2011-2014 N-Series diesels or 2012-2013 REACH Commercial Vans.
· The Program is administered by ICTA and provides the purchaser with manufacturer approved scheduled maintenance for 24 months or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.

· For Customers: Accurate and complete customer information is required to ensure your customer receives all the benefits this great program has to offer. A customer fact sheet must be completed and submitted to enroll the vehicle into the 24 months / 60,000 mile maintenance program. This customer fact sheet will be entered into ICTA maintenance system in order to receive preventive maintenance at all participating Isuzu dealerships. Most importantly, the customer fact sheet will ensure communications and other important information is communicated to the customer so their vehicles will be regularly maintained by trained dealership technicians using Isuzu Fleet Value Parts, advanced diagnostics and repair equipment.

1. For qualifying vehicle sales, this program will cover all the manufacturer recommended maintenance on the vehicle for the first owner and is transferable to the next owner(s) of the vehicle. The customer information must be properly and completely entered on the customer fact sheet. Isuzu will send a verification letter and email to the customer. Erroneous information in email address or physical address may result in cancellation of the maintenance program.
2. In order for this program to best benefit the customer and communicate regular schedule services, the dealer MUST complete and submit the customer fact sheet and MUST provide the customer with the complementary 24 month or 60,000 miles preventive maintenance form with year, model, complete Vehicle Identification Number and retail delivery date.
3. Enrollment into the program is subject to acceptance by ICTA.
Super Lawn Trucks will help get all required documentation so you can enjoy this huge bonus with your purchase of a NEW Isuzu diesel powered truck.  For more information, call 866-923-0027 or email