Why is so damn hard to find good people these days? 
Why do so many new hires that have great potential, 
quit the job you gave them in just a few days or weeks? 

And for those employees that are sticking around, why 
can’t they remember what you taught them yesterday, 
last week or last month? 

Finding, Recruiting, Hiring & Retaining Super Star Employees 
is the #1 challenge for business owners.  I know the 
issues first hand.  I’ve been an employer since 1987.  I’ve 
made payroll for 1,404 weeks (and I’ll do it 26 more times 
in the next 12 months).  And I SMILE each time I sign my 
employees paychecks. 🙂 

That’s why I’m writing this article today.  Most employers don’t smile 
when the discussion of employees starts. 

I recently asked 500 landscape business owners this question: 
“What’s the single greatest challenge you face in your company 

By far…the #1 response…Employees

For some business owners it’s finding them. 
Others say it’s getting employees to work hard. 
For many, getting new employees trained is the biggest challenge. 
Once you get them trained, well, many up and quit. 🙁 

I want YOU to know…you can solve the employee problem with 
a series of step-by-step systems to find, recruit, hire and retain 
super star employees.  Let me explain. 

I built up my lawn and landscape company to employ nearly 100
people and produce millions in revenue each and every year.
Along the way, I took careful notes about what works  AND what
doesn’t work solving the people problem. 

I’d like to show you how to: 
* Find the maximum number of qualified candidates in just a few days 
* Quickly screen applicants to find the best ones in minutes 
* Create the very best work conditions to KEEP good employees 
* Build a training system that teaches and evaluates new hires in 6-8 hours 
* Quickly rid yourself of any bad hires before they infect your company 
* Increase profits using little known government programs to lower wages 
* Take advantage of certain tax credits available to all employers, large or small 

Solving the employee problem can be the most liberating, confidence 
building, life enhancing and profit building activity you’ll ever master. 
I’d like to teach you what I know and what I have taught hundreds of 
landscape company business owners.  Here’s how

I have written a step-by-step guidebook, produced a 6-hour audio training 
program and recently recorded 2 webinars on the most up-to-date 
techniques you can use to solve the employee problem. 

50 Ways to Find, Recruit, Hire and Retain Super Star Employees is the 
title to the book and audio training program.  If you’ve never heard of 
this book and training program, here’s why. 

It’s not available on Amazon.  You won’t find it at Barnes & Noble.  It’s 
likely you won’t stumble across it surfing the web.  I have intentionally 
limited its availability for my private consulting clients and companies 
enrolled in my Super Lawn Toolkit membership training program.  These 
elite company owners invest thousands of dollars to work with me 
privately.  They get access to everything I have learned…(and practiced). 

Frankly, the material covered in the book and audio training program 
is some of my most guarded entrepreneurial success secrets.  Why? 

First, it’s not easy being an employer.  You have to compete to get good 
employees.  So when you learn a new technique, you really want to keep 
it to yourself. 

Second, employees are quick to talk to other employees.  Yes, those inside 
your company…and those at your competitor’s company.  I’m always 
careful about protecting trade secrets. 

Third, after the economy tanked, unemployment soared past 11%.  As 
employers, we were literally beating employees away with a stick.  But 
this has started to change.  And now…the employee challenge is back 
with a vengeance.  I’m ready to help you solve it. Guaranteed! 

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Order today and I’ll ship the package to you right away. You’ll be able 
to read, study and see the print materials.  You’ll be able to listen and learn 
as you ride between jobs. Count on learning a step-by-step system that will transform how you deal with (and profit from) your employees.  And…you’ll begin to see that employees are the most liberating tool inside your business. 🙂 

We will talk soon. 
Tony Bass, Founder & CEO 
Super Lawn Technologies 

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