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Upgrade Your Entire Fleet!*


Commercial Finance Agreement Let’s plan your total fleet needs and set up one finance plan that will allow you to quickly add trucks when you need them.  This program improves your cash flow and allows you to get the equipment you need to grow your business! Credit lines of $250,000 to $1,000,000 are easy to set up for companies who have been in business more than 5 years and have a track record of success. Credit application is here.


$0 Payment Down – We can commence the finance contract with no

cash outlay from qualified customers. This program improves your

cash flow and allows you to get the equipment you need to grow your

business! Each application will be reviewed promptly and a decision is

usually made in 1-2 business days. Credit application is here.


90 Day Deferred – Customer can take possession of equipment today

and payments will not start for 90 days. This program allows your firm to

uncover new profits from labor savings and increased promotion with your

Super Lawn Truck system  before payments are due! You, your staff and

your client’s get more work for less labor right now! There is no reason to

delay your purchase any longer! Credit application is here.


Seasonal Payments – If a business owner is more profitable during

certain times of the year, Super Lawn Truck finance partners can

structure a payment schedule to meet their cash flow. We have skipped

the winter months for landscapers, farmers, etc. We have skipped the

summer months for school districts. This allows you to make

your payments while you are using the equipment to earn money.


Step Payments – Super Lawn Truck finance partners can structure

the contract so the payments are lower the first year or two of the

contract and then increase for the remaining term. This allows your

company the opportunity to realize increased sales or labor savings

without putting a drain on your cash flow. You can afford the

dependability and convenience of Super Lawn Trucks right now!

You deserve to have good equipment for your company right now!

This special program allows you the opportunity to buy new

equipment versus used. Credit application is here.


Download our 1-page credit application and submit 24-hours a day, 7-days per

week! Click here.

*Each application is subject to credit approval. SLT nor any of its finance partners can guarantee you will be approved. Finance rates are determined at the time of application.