Affordable Changeable Fleet Billboards?

Yes, you can change the marketing message on your billboard sized, enclosed, Super Lawn Truck system. You have the power to promote your most popular and profitable services when they are in season.

Unlike monthly fees for yellow page ads, magazine ads, billboards, radio, TV, or newspaper advertising, fleet graphics are an affordable, one-time investment for building your brand. Think bold! Think about separating your self from the competition!

The average monthly cost of a billboard in the USA is $1500/month or $18,000 per year! 

When you turn your truck into a mobile billboard, you never pay a monthly fee. Just buy the signs you need and change the message when the season changes.

If you would consider purchasing a billboard for just two months, you can get a changeable fleet graphics package for as long as you own your truck!

Changeable fleet graphics are an affordable option with the Super Lawn Truck system. It’s like you get a truck, a warehouse, a trailer, and a billboard marketing program in one package!

We utilize special hardware, large format print technology, creative designs, and our vast experience working with companies nationwide to get just the right message placed on the available advertising areas.  We consider colors, photos, text, and ….your needs during the design process.

Unlike a vehicle wrap, restoring your commercial truck for resell is a snap.  Just unhook the signs and slide them out of their track!  And, if you damage a sign, it is simple to replace.

if you have never heard of the changeable fleet graphics technology, just watch around town.  Over-the-road-trucks and local businesses are starting to adapt this technology at an increasing rate.

You can take a look at our portfolio of nearly 150 landscaping companies trucks, their marketing messages, and changeable fleet graphics by clicking here.  Want to learn more?

The best thing to do is to speak with one of the experts at Super Lawn Trucks to help you get started with the perfect marketing program for your company, your fleet, and your target market.

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