Hyda-Ramp Pro

A Ramp for Every Need of Your Heavy Duty Landscape Truck

The most demanding lawn and landscape commercial businesses command Super Lawn Trucks’ specially designed Hydra-Ramp™ Pro! 

The Pro-Series has a ramp for each and every need for your heavy duty landscape maintenance truck!  It’s large bi-fold ramp system makes any truck stand out while reducing size and increasing workload!  The Hydra-Ramp™ Pro series offers ramps supporting weights from 1,500 pounds all the way up to 4, 000 pounds!  That’s a lot of capacity!  Highly important-it’s fast!  This solid steel Hydra-Ramp™ opens and closes in just under 25 seconds.  No bulky dove tail ramp, no expanded steel construction…just solid, overbuilt, patented technology that helps any contractor perform faster and stronger!  All Hydra-Ramps™ are built to last…powder coated, then layered with a special anti-slip coating on work surfaces for safe, durable operation.  Serving as a solid steel rear door, Hydra-Ramp™ technology keeps your equipment locked up like a vault until you’re ready to use it.

Pro Series Hydra-Ramps™ are designed to fit any standard box truck.  Whether you’re putting it on your existing truck or purchasing a new Super Lawn Truck, we install your Pro-Series Hydra-Ramp™ using special frame rods so it’s done right meeting every professional standard!

The Pro-Series Hydra-Ramp™ also serves as a large, super solid work table when needed!

But don’t just take our word for it.  Visit our website where you can choose from dozens of satisfied customers who can tell you themselves how well the Hydra-Ramp™ system works for them!

Once again-Super Strong, Super Safe, Super Fast…the Pro-Series Hydra-Ramp™ System-only from Super Lawn Trucks!  Call 866-923-0027 today!