Super Custom Paint

Pick your color to build your brand!

Did you know that 70% of commercial vehicles are white?

When you pick your Super Custom Paint color you immediately stand out in your market.

Pick your custom color and we’ll take care of building your super lawn truck to make sure it stands out in the market and creates a lasting impression. 

Count on the Super Custom Paint process being the highest quality possible. 

Your highly customized super lawn truck is disassembled allowing our technicians to create a factory quality paint job in our extra large paint facility.

Access panels, doors, all trim and anything that can be is carefully removed, prepped, painted and clear coated individually.

Super Custom Paint is branding at its best for your business perfectly matching your company colors. 

Adding custom or changeable fleet graphics turns your company truck into a rolling billboard for all your business has to offer-appropriate for any season or application.

Build your brand with Super Custom Paint -only from Super Lawn Trucks! 

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