Perfect for Lawn Care

If you make your living with fertilizers and pesticides, you know how corrosive they can be to your equipment. Here’s what to do. 

Super Lawn Technologies uses its fiberglass reinforced plywood body combined with special, incredibly durable epoxy coatings on the interiors of Super Lawn Trucks keeping moisture out and any spills away from any metal inside.

It’s not just on the bottom-but high up the sides, along ramp surfaces-everywhere inside a truck keeping it clean and corrosion free. 

Materials stay dry and ready to use. 

Surfaces are non-slip. 

Workers are safe in wet conditions. 

Easy access doors allow fast access to hoses and other items needed quickly. 

Lawn care companies across the united states are taking advantage of the awesome super lawn trucks epoxy protection on top of fiberglass reinforced plywood. 

On a busy workday, fertilizers and other chemicals often contact the surface areas of the truck. 

FRP plus epoxy technology reinforces any truck making sure truck bodies last and stay corrosion free. 

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