SLT Eco 12GL

The SLT Eco 12GL!

Get as much as 18 mpg on select models!


Super Lawn Technologies invites you to take a look at the SLT Eco Series of trucks. Check it out.

Each ECO Series Body System is custom designed to match the needs of the company.




Matched with the perfect cab chassis from the compact and super economical Eco Series 12 GL to the roomy 18-foot SLT Eco Body System, contractors are increasing productivity, reducing fuel consumption, and improving safety and security measures for their equipment and for their employees.

The SLT Eco Series trucks boast a low cost of ownership with fuel economy ratings of 15 -18 mpg on select gas and diesel models.

The SLT Eco Series of trucks are designed for total cargo capacity of over 5000 pounds but that is just the beginning.

The Eco Body locks and secures your tools.

Getting your equipment inside is easy with our patented Hydra-Ramp System.

This heavy-duty hydraulic ramp is quick and easy to operate and provides both safety and security.

Once inside, there is not only space for your riding and walk behind mowers, but plenty of utility shelves and storage keeping your equipment organized and secure.

Under the body you have a locking toolbox holding more of your equipment as well as fuel tanks for gas and two-cycle fuel-enough fuel for an entire week.

There are plenty of other options available, so the SLT Eco Series of trucks can suit your individual needs.

Your business will become more efficient.

Your equipment will be safe and secure.

And your investment is secure with our exclusive 5-year SLT Buy Back Guarantee.

Since 1998, contractors across North America have come to Super Lawn Trucks to help improve their productivity.

We hope you will step up to Super Lawn Trucks, too!