Super Contractor Truck

The Super Contractor Truck makes almost any crew better organized and instantly more  productive.

It’s like getting two trucks in one!


Designed specifically for the contractor, the Super Lawn Trucks Super Contractor Truck is focused on organization and productivity. 

The Super Contractor Truck is engineered specifically to combine a walk in tool shed with a dump or stake body. 

Available in Isuzu three crew member, single cabs and seven crew, four door cabs, SCT options include four, six or eight foot tool sheds as well as a variety of dump and stake body sizes to match.

The trucks pair durability with convenience providing shelving, tool organization, even an air compressor right inside the tool shed. 

Six or twelve foot dumpers can be ordered with solid body, fold down or add-on, extended height sides suitable for each customer’s unique requirements in the field. 

Specialty add on touches like underbody fueling stations, locking tool boxes, pull out steps, roll up side doors, and any of a variety of SLT’s unique, ergonomic ramp systems put the Super Contractor Truck in the spotlight. 

What the good Doctor did to the Porsche, SLT founder Tony Bass has done to contractor trucks; taking a great platform and working it into a high performance, durable machine that truly delivers. 

The result: a dual purpose Super Contractor Truck offering drastically increased productivity and ultimately a higher profit margin to its owner.