SLT MR-550 Manual Loading Ramp

Super Lawn Technologies MR-550 Manual Loading Ramp is the most affordable, high quality box truck loading ramp in the lawn and landscape industry.

Slightly smaller than its cousin the MR-750, the MR-550 is designed specifically for box trucks with a bed height no more than 40 inches.

Each MR-550 Loading Ramp is rated for 550 pounds so combining two ramps gives you a hefty 1,100-pound weight capacity!

Gas springs assist in easy opening and closing, speeding up loading and unloading.

Extending to ten feet, the MR-550 folds up tightly to the truck in the closed position making it safer and much more convenient during transport.

The MR -550 is available fully assembled in either 30-inch or 36-inch widths and easily installs in under an hour with just a few simple shop tools.

Full written and video instructions are included with your purchase!

(Note the MR-550 should not be used for 3-wheel machines).

Please call for shipping costs to your location and get your MR-550 Manual Box Truck Loading Ramp right away!

The MR-550 Manual Loading Ramp-only from Super Lawn Technologies!