Rent a Super Lawn Truck!

Do you need a Super Lawn Truck for a short term?


  • Fully customized Super Lawn Trucks from $395 per week.

  • Rent a truck while we build your custom truck.

  • Rent during the busy season.

  • Rent to test the enclosed SLT and see if you’d like to buy one.

  • Rent if you just won a new contract.

  • Test how easy it is to drive & operate Isuzu Trucks with the SLT system.

  • Nationwide delivery.

  • You must have a credit card to rent.

  • You must complete our rental credit application.

  • You must have a USA state issued driver’s license in good standing.

  • You must provide commercial vehicle insurance.

  • We can have a truck delivered to your door.

 Request a follow up about rental lawn trucks or call 866-923-0027.


To secure your Super Lawn Truck Rental, print and sign the Rental Agreement and FAX to (478) 822-9704 or scan and email to

Click Here to Download Super Lawn Truck Rental Agreement PDF

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