Greenworks GC400: 82V Rapid Charger

Greenworks GC400: 82V Rapid Charger 

Compatible with the Greenworks 82-V Lithium-Ion battery packs, this charger is easy to use, quiet and exceptionally stable with its four plastic feet. It plugs directly into the wall using a standard 2-prong plug and with the built-in diagnostics system with a LED indicator that communicates battery charging. Easily mounts on wall.

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Charging batteries quickly and efficiently, Greenworks Commercial provides the GC 400 82 Volt Rapid Charger.

The GC 400 can recharge a 2.5 Amp Hour battery in just 36 minutes and a 5 amp hour battery in just over an hour!

Quiet and simple to use, the GC 400 has a solid, stable base design and its 2-prong plug fits any 110v outlet.

The GC400 Rapid Charger is compatible with all Greenworks Lithium Ion 82Volt batteries.

The LED indicator lets you know as soon as your battery is ready to run.

Easily wall mounted the GC 400 is the perfect fit for your battery powered lawn and landscape equipment putting ergonomic design and exceptional performance above all else!

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