Greenworks GMS250: 82V 25" Steel Deck Self-Propelled Mower (Tool Only)

Greenworks GMS250: 82V 25″ Steel Deck Self-Propelled Mower (Tool Only) 

The 82V 25″ Dual Blade Mower is Efficient and Powerful and provides increased cutting performance.  The motorhead house dual batteries with Automatic Switchover Technology, when one battery depletes it automatically switches to the second battery providing uninterrupted runtime.  

 – Dual Blades for Increased Cutting Performance
– Self-Propelled Rear Wheel Drive
– 2-in-1 Design (Mulch, Rear Bag)

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$649.00 each


The Greenworks 82V 25″ GMS250 Steel Deck Self-Propelled Mower delivers powerful all-day performance all while barely making a sound!

Assembled in minutes, The GMS 250 is equipped with state of the art SmartCut™ Technology.

Smart Cut Technology detects higher denser grass delivering more power when needed and conserving energy when workloads are lighter.

The GMS 250 is self-propelled easing the workload for the operator.

Twin cutting blades keep this powerful lawn care tool mowing smoothly and efficiently!

You have the option to bag grass clippings or mulch grass clippings.

A dual battery motorhead with Automatic Switchover Technology allows longer runtimes as the mower automatically switches from one battery to the other once the first battery runs down.

A single lever quickly and easily adjusts to 7 different cutting heights.

The GMS250 25” Self-Propelled Mower folds for fast vertical storage taking up very little space inside your lawn truck!

The Greenworks 82V 25″ GMS250 Steel Deck Self-Propelled Mower is another perfect addition to your professional lawn care crew!

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*Batteries sold separately.

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